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Bees/Queens (Ad Race) For Sale

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  purehoneyproducer@att.net  – Costa Kouzounis Hygienic Queens

www.russianbreeder.org  – Russian Queen Breeders Association




Clubs/Organizations W/Location and Blogs

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  www.lonestarfarms.net  – Bryan, Texas   www.badbeekeeping.com       

  http://www.bushfarms.com/bees.htm – (USA)  alaskabeeclub.com/  

 The American Beekeeping Federation German beekeeper association  

  Northamptonshire Beekeepers’ Association   – (UK)  Sommerset Beekeepers– England       

Ontario Beekeepers Association    European Black Bee Preservation Society   

Bee Farmers Association of the United Kingdom  – (UK)   Sicam– Denmark   

Bee Improvement and Bee Breeders’ Association      

  Ron Miksha – Calgary Beekeeper and Occasional Bee Blogger   

Hawaii Beekeepers’ Association      https://beesource.com/

British Beekeepers (BBKA) Association  – (UK) https://job-prices.co.uk/attract-bees/

Australian Honey Bee Industry Council   

Federation of Irish Beekeepers’ Associations (FIBKA)    Korapis – Korea    

USDA Stats Sheets on Honey Prices, Colony Count  – (USA)  

Landesverband Bayerischer Imker – Germany  Kent Beekeepers of England    

 National Honey Board’s Home Page  – (USA)  ÖIB – Österreichischer Imkerbund  –  Austria     

Ashe County Beekeepers Association :News & Events  – Korea   Union des Apiculteurs Capellen– Luxembourg 

Brazilian Beekeepers Association      Ontario Beekeepers Association     http://kirkwebster.com/ – (VT.)

Louisiana beekeepers association 


Beekeepers Personal Home Page

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From Around The World

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Malay Beekeeping  – (Malaysia)  Saudi Beekeeping Industry      

Impact of Africanized Bees in Sinaloa  – (Mexico)  Beekeeping in Iraq  

 Moldovian Beekeeping    Beekeeping in Paraguay     

www.nationalbeeunit.com – (UK) Background on Beekeeping in NZ  

Great Russian Web Site  – (Russia) Beekeeping Statistics  – (Serbia)  

 Beekeeping in Iceland  – (Iceland)   Swiss Bee Research Centre  

Bees Around the World   Ukrainian Beekeeping  – (Ukraine)    

Global Queen Breeders Association  – International   https://beesource.com/  

 Beekeeping In South Korea – International Bee Research Association   

Entombment: What Bees are Doing to Save Themselves    

 The Native Irish Honey Bee Society    German speaking website  https://job-prices.co.uk/attract-bees/

  The Place of Beekeeping in the World – eXtension    

Beekeeping in Greece (2010) – Apiservices   Tasmanian Beekeepers  – Austalia

 BEE DOC – Bees in Europe and the Decline of Honeybee Colonies    

https://www.pinterest.com/pin/307089268313275934/  – Good site   

 Images for beekeeping in turkey   Images for Beekeeping in Vietnam   


The Beekeepers Library

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General Information

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  REGULATIONS –Lots of misc. information  

Bears and Bees   Wax Moth Control    Propolis    Neonicotinoid     

Chalkbrood Recommendations   Urban/Suburban Beekeeping 

How the Honey Bee uses Polarized Light to Navigate    

Differences Between African and European Honey Bees   

Denmark’s Honey Plants    American Apitherapy Society    BeeHoo  

 Stingless Bees of the Amazon – from EricTourneret    

The Pollination Home Page   What’s Blooming?   

Nature Magazine’s Article on the Honey Bee Genome   

 A new honey bee infection transmitted by Varroa mites?  

Honey Bee Plants    Steve Colbert Tribute Bee Hive  


Working the Top Bar Hive in Kenya, Africa   Apitherapy and Arthritis 

Entombment: What Bees are Doing to Save Themselves 

Army and Bee Scientists Solve the Mystery of the Disappearing Bees!  

Texas A&M University’s Africanized Bee Site      

Honey Labellng for the USA market   Mean Gene Discovered in Africanized Honey Bees   

North American Nectar Sources for Honey Bees   YouTube Images for beekeeping in Saudi Arabia   

Honey vs Sugar   How Bees Make Combs   The Place of Beekeeping in the World – eXtension  

 High-Speed Video from inside a Beehive – watch the bees build a nest!    The Native Irish Honey Bee Society   

British Beekeeping Movies from the 1930s – silent, black and white    Southern (USA) Honey Plants   



Honeybee Trivia

Amazing Facts About Honey   Bee Trivia     Honey Bee Facts                                                      

Incredible Honey Bee Trivia   Bees Fly 4 Million Miles to the Gallon                              

How the Honey Bee Got Her Hummm    

 Cool Facts about Bees and Honey   Honey Bee Facts. Not Fiction    

Cherokee Indian Legend: How the Honey Bee Got Her Stinger