The Lone Star Farms Bee Club/Registry is a“chemical free”bee club and has been formed to promote healthy beekeeping practices and clean honeybee products.  Members of this club will be dedicated to learning how to raise only hygienic bees.  This type of honeybee will eliminate the need for placing pesticides into the hive.  Hives that have not had pesticides intentionally introduced into them have healthier bees and produce healthier bee products for the consumer.

It is not the intention of the “Lone Star Farm’s” bee club to include only local beekeepers, but rather to encourage participation by anyone/club who is or wants to be chemical free and is interested in beekeeping no matter where you live to join us. Lone Star Farm’s hope is for all chemical free and chemical free wanta “bees” to join our/your growing members list and show their support for Saving The Bees One Hive At A Time   


Your host, 
Dennis Brown
     (To join, go to the join button at the top of this page. It’s free.)