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Your Host

Hello Everyone,

First, I would like to thank all of you who purchased my books this past year. The proceeds have helped keep our club website up and running. I'm not exactly computer savy, so I have to pay a much younger person to take care of any technical issues during the course of the year.

Wow, I can hardy beleive it, January is over. The only good thing is that spring is bearing down upon us. The weather experts during the end of summer last year perdicted we would have another wet winter, but so far, it hasn't panned out. Most of us remember last winter when it started raining and didn't quit until the first of June. Here in Texas, we had record breaking floods that pretty much shut down beekeeping for both the commercial and hobby beekeepers. I saw many pictures of hives floating and others of just hive parts headed down stream. The rain also washed all the nectar from the blooms, so there was a lot of feeding going on among the beekeepers just to keep their bees alive.

Hopefully, Mother Nature will be much more kind to the bees and their keepers this year.



For Sale

2016 queen/nuc/medium supers

2016 Marked Russian Queens-$36.00, New assembled complete mediums with frames-$35.00. Five deep frame Nuc-$235.00 plus a $25 refundable nuc box deposit.

New wood medium assembled supers that have two coats of primer, two coats of paint and come complete with 10 new wood medium  assembled and wired wooden frames. 10 sheets of new crimped wire beeswax foundation come with the purchase. 

To receive the nuc box deposit, my original nuc box must be returned clean and within 90 days to 2438 Tangley St. Houston, TX 77005. 

Medium supers are available now. 

There are many variables in raising bees and they are all in God's hands.  Queens and nucs will be ready when they are ready so please don't nag me on dates.  I do the best I can to provide a product I would want in my yard.  I will advise you when the bees are available.  Tentative timeline is after the Yaupon bloom and before the Tallow bloom. 

Queens can be shipped ($35.00 overnight only 1-24 units in a battery box) or picked up.  Nucs are pick up only and the pick up locations are in Waller, Houston or Galveston, Texas. Full payment required for queen bookings. Nuc bookings require an $85.00 non-refundable deposit that will be applied toward the total nuc purchase price. Make checks payable to E.C. Kouzounis 2438 Tangley St. Houston, TX 77005. If you are interested or need further information, please email me at Kouzounis.


Bee Talk

Hey Dennis,

I have all my boxes assembled and I’m now putting together frames. I know you recommend wiring the honey super frames but what about the brood box frames? I would assume you don’t need to wire these since you won’t normally extract from these but wasn’t sure if it was good practice to give them extra support. If you do wire these how many wires do you use? Also, when you place the foundation in the frame do you recommend embedding the wire or just alternating the foundation through the wires? Terry C.

Hello Terry

You should always wire every frame regardless of the frame size. This gives the frame good support. There are four holes pre-drilled on the side of each frame. You should secure a horizontal wire in the two middle holes of each frame. This will provide enough support for the foundation.

I prefer to embed my wires with an electric embedder. However, you can use a "Spur" to push the wires into the wax if you only have a few frames to do. You should place the wires on the same side of the foundation. Not "flip-flopped.” I hope this helps.



Hi Dennis,

I bought your book (Beekeeping: A Personal Journey) and have enjoyed reading it very much. You cover things that I have never read in all the other books I have in my library. It is very informative.

You mention in your book that you usually wait until the second week of the honey flow before you add the first honey super to the hive so the bees can refill their boxes first. Should I wait if I have a hive that is in a single brood box before adding another one? Carla Thompson

Hello Carla,

I always recommend that you add another box when the bees have completed drawing-out the eighth frame in a ten frame box. If you add another box on too early, the bees will usually move up into the second box before they complete drawing-out the two side frames in the first box.



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