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Your Host

Hello Everyone,

I hope that everyone enjoyed their holidays and are looking forward to this new year. Our club didn't take on many new members this past year. I'm not sure if beekeeping has dropped off in general or if more beekeepers are using chemicals in their hives. Maybe this year all of you could actively promote our clubs non-chemical use and steer other beekeepers our way. It would be nice to save more bees from being poisoned by these nasty chemicals.

If you have enjoyed our club newsletter throughout the years, please help me keep it interesting by sharing bee related information for our newsletter. I love helping you with your beekeeping questions and sharing my knowledge but, after all this time it's becoming more difficult to keep our newsletter full and interesting mostly by myself. So, a good new year's resolution would be to help and share in making our newsletter a great information resource for all beekeepers. I appreciate it.



For Sale


FOR SALE:  New assembled & painted medium (honey) supers with frames & beeswax foundation: I am a member of the Lone Star Farms bee club. I have never used any chemicals in my hives and I have been raising bees continuously since 1977.  Supers-$35.00.  If you are interested or need further information, please email me at --------Costa Kouzounis


Bee Talk 

 This information about Brother Adam was sent in by member Fred Keefer. Thanks Fred.

Hey Dennis,

 I have a couple of hives that have a good number of bees but the queen is not laying any brood. Is that normal?   Wyndell Gore

Hello Wyndell,

If you have enough bees to take care of the space their in, the bees are probably OK. This time of the year the queen slows her laying down. It would be best to go in and locate the queen to make sure the hive is queen-right.



Days Gone By