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 Hello Everyone,

 It’s April and the yaupon flow here in Texas has already started or will in just a few days. Honey flows are what most of us work our bees for. The surplus honey offers us a chance to make some profit which will in return pay us back for our expenses. If we have been good managers of our bees and the weather cooperates, we should be successful.

 Good luck!



For Sale

FOR SALE:Russian Queens and Nucs: I am a member of the Lone Star Farms bee club. I have never used any chemicals in my hives and I have been raising bees continuously for 36 years. I will be offering a limited number of Russian queens and nucs for sale. Queens-$25.00 and Nucs-$155.00. If you are interested or need further information, please email me at purehoneyproducer@att.netor you may call me at 281.932.4887.

 Costa Kouzounis


Bee Talk


I just wanted to take a moment to let you know how much I have enjoyed the Beginner's Beekeeping and Raising Chemical Free Bees and Keeping Them Healthy classes that I took at Lone Star Farms in February and March.  The one thing I like most about your classes is the fact that I receive clear instructions and tried and true information on beekeeping.  Not like the 10 different answers to my question that I might get from beekeeper's at my local Bee Club.  It is really helpful to me to know exactly how to best manage my bees and helps me sort through all the information out there that I have been inundated with since deciding to become a beekeeper.

 I look forward to attending more of your classes.     Jeanie Crump

 Hello Jeanie,

 Thank you for the complement. I enjoy sharing my experience with others. Hopefully, I save some from making the same mistakes I made in the years past.

 See you in class.


Hey Dennis,

? Time frame to split. No queens ordered. Have hive bodies (3 sizes) built, frames for all but need to wire and install foundation(when needed). Also have nuc box.

Hive is calm this am. Activity in yard and guards at entrance. Feeding sugar water,gone in 3 days. Will replenish this afternoon. 2nd mite treatment due today.

FYI ( important now I guess, being new and just learning to recognize changes that you describe in your journey) Monday evening found about 75-100 dead bees outside in front of the landing board. Should have gotten to then. This, I'm sure is info You need to help guide me thru the next steps.

I really want to do a good job at beekeeping and this bump in the road is both exciting and scary!

Please advise and thanks.  Tom Ferguson   Caldwell

Hello Tom,

 The bees are probably just picking up the bees that died during the cold months. Spring cleaning. Go in and work the hive to make sure everything inside is ok.


 Hey Dennis,

I  thoroughly enjoyed the class today on Raising Chemical Free Bees and Keeping Them Healthy. There are not many who prescribe to this method, and I have definitely not found anywhere else around here where this can be learned, especially in such detail. I say this with all sincerity; you are a wealth of knowledge and I am blessed to be able to learn from you and having  you answer my emailed questions. I also enjoy the laid back setting of the class. Oh, and tell your wife the cookies were great. I look forward to your next class, Spring Management in April. Again, THANKS.

Ron Miller

 Hi Dennis,

Have a question on wax foundation.  I remember when we bought your hives that they had horizontal wires as well as the vertical. This added a lot of extra strength.  We'd like to do the same with our frames.  Do you buy the regular wax foundation with the vertical wire then add the horizontal wires later? 

Thanks, Kathy

Hello Kathy,

Yes. The foundation will come with the vertical wires and you add the two horizontal wires.



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