Issue 1, March 2010

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  • Club News
  • Beekeeping Days Gone By
  • National and World News

Club News

Here we are. This is the first issue. Everything is in place. It is time to concentrate on membership. For all of you “chemical Free” beekeepers and all of you “chemical Free” want-a-bees out there, now is the time to band together and change the course to raising healthy bees and healthy bee products. With all of us together, we can change the tide. Belong to something that really matters. It is a matter of life or death in the bee world. Join today and let us pool our knowledge and experiences. It is true that bees were here before us and will be here long after we are gone but, by joining together we can provide a better life (chemical free) for the bees and ourselves while we are here. Let us all make the difference together. Join today.

Beekeeping Days Gone By

The information and pictures that follow were taken from M G Dadant`s 1919 book called "Out Apiaries." The text is interesting because it describes the way things were done in those days. Check out some of the trucks. Enjoy!

National and World News