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Your host

Hello Everyone, we are back in the saddle. I do hope that everyone has been ok. Can you believe that it's February already? Don't forget that Thursday Is Valentines Day.  If you do, I'll bet you won't the next time. So far its been a very mild (but wet) winter here in Texas. The bees have been flying on the warmer days collecting pollen from the elm trees. It looks like the spring in this area will be a good one for the bees. We have needed this rain for a long time. Remember to send me any question you have and I will place them in the next Newsletter so everyone can benefit from the knowledge. It's good to be back. Don't forget to look over the book page.

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Bee Talk

Hi Dennis, how long should I air out my equipment before placing them on the hive? Thanks in advance. Paul

Hello Paul

You should only remove boxes from the protected stack as you need them. You should air them out on their long side down so air can penetrate each box for 48 hours. Its best to air them out in an indoor area so that pests can't reach the wax while being aired out.



Hello Dennis, I found a few of my frames damaged from mice. What should I do with these frames? Can I reuse them? Albert

Hi Albert

We all find that to be an issue from time to time when the weather warms up enough to inspect the hive. you should remove the damaged frame (S) and clean the wax out. It's best to replace the frame with drawn comb, but if you don't have a frame with drawn comb, replace with foundation. Good luck!



Hey Dennis, I was wondering if I should feed my bees protein patties? I heard that it will stimulate egg laying. Fred

Hello Fred

In most of the Southern states, there is no reason to use these patties in the hive. We have the elm tree and a few other early trees that provide pollen for the bees. The pollen patties offer the hive beetles some much needed food and to lay their eggs in. Our area (and maybe yours) the bees will haul these patties out as trash. So, when the beekeeper goes back into the hive and sees the patty gone, they think the bees have eaten/stored all of it. Instead, the bees hauled it out of the hive. To be sure, you should check the combs to see if there is any patty visible in the cells. If you don't see any, they have hauled it out, so don't replace it with anymore.


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