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For those of you who live within fifty miles of Lone Star Farms, take advantage of "Lone Star Farms Apiary Inspection Service." Contact Dennis for details.

If you belong to a beekeeping club and would like me to come teach one of the class topics that are listed on the class page, please have your president contact me. The four hour class would have to be held on a Saturday and there is a fifteen person minimum. Education is key to successful beekeeping management. Thanks

Bee season is just around the corner. The bees are already out collecting pollen and the queen is getting cranked-up. If you want to stop polluting your hive with chemicals, nows the time to start. In my books, "Beekeeping; A Personal Journey" & "Beekeeping; Questions & Answers" I explain how to make that hapen. I've been raising bees for over 50 years and have never polluted my hives and have been very successful. Start eating and selling a good clean product that keeps your family and customers healthy.


Lone Star Farms wishes each and every one of you a "Happy Valentines"