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  The showers seem to always split and go around Lone Star Farms only to close back together after passing. Mother Nature has a mind of her own. Despite the dry conditions in our area the golden rod and aster plants are just beginning to bloom. We won’t know how much nectar these blossoms will produce until they are finished but every little bit will add to the winter stores in our hives.

Tip-----Here at Lone Star Farms we run our hives year around in 2 brood boxes. We don’t start adding honey supers until the bees have filled up most of their boxes. Only then do we add honey supers for surplus collection. We take care of the bees first. This system will allow the bees to go through winter with enough stores to start the spring season. Bees will be stronger and healthier if wintered on honey as opposed to wintering them on sugar water.

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I will be getting my Russians from Ray Revis tomorrow.I will be taking off work early to pick them up. (UPS overnight) I think I want to split my strong hives. I have 3 strong hives and 2 just ok. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance. Will (I am very excited.) 

  Hello Will, 

Ray's queens are wonderful. Make sure that you follow what you learned in my queen introduction part of the class. After the queen has been released if you are placing the cage on the top bars, remove the cage then close it up without looking for the queen. Then 4 days later go in and look for the queen or eggs and remove any queen cells. The number of splits that you make should not be based only on the number of strong hives that you have at this time of the year. More important is if you have a fall flow coming on that will carry the bees through the winter. Honey is much better for the bees to winter on than sugar water. Keep me posted. Dennis

 Thanks for the feed back Dennis. My focus is to prepare strong hives for winter.I have made spacers to put on top of the hives.They have just started to draw comes out on new frames, I think the timing will be good. 

Thank you for all you input. I will let you know how it goes.    Will

 I attended one of Dennis Brown's classes today. If you have never been to one of his classes they are very informative and witty. I highly recommend them. While I was in class I was asked if I had read any of Dennis' Club News and I had to admit I hadn't, but I'm a newbie to the club. I took some time and read part of the Club News and boy have I missed a bunch of good reading. I remembered Dennis said something about the archives page and everything that was ever put on the site is in the Archives. If you are one who has not taken the time to browse thru the site I highly recommend that you do, it is very informative. Wonder what else I've missed. I hope to meet some of you in class some day. In the mean time do any of you have experience keeping bees in colder weather. I am moving to Oregon and that's nothing like TX

Bee Happy      Teddi-----Spring, Texas

 Ditto on the Archives section. It is something not to be missed. Dennis's classroom teachings work. He doesn't always follow the norm with those that write the bee books or magazines because Dennis is out to do what works. He is constantly experimenting with what works and doesn't. All you have to do is visit his bee yard...........hive bodies full of healthy and flourishing bees on chemically free drawn comb and mediums on the prettiest drawn comb you have ever seen. He doesn't have struggling hives at his yard. His hives have always prospered and his always increasing hives numbers are a product of his classroom teachings. Even his newly established 5 frame nucs are strong and expanding! By the way, don't worry if you forget to bring a veil or suit........his bees are that gentle. His bees always seem busy doing the task at hand and making that surplus honey. 

I don't have any experience with the cold weather bee management but I would feel that added stores of honey, protection from the north wind, an upper vent hole to rid the hive of winter moisture and slide in your sticky board to help them maintain there winter cluster heat should help. I've heard that the cold doesn't kill........its the freezing moisture in a hive that poses a problem.

Costa Kouzounis-----Houston, Tx

   Hey Dennis, 

Just thought you might like to know that I just checked Mann Lake and found out that if you order online, they are offering free shipping on orders over $100!  Sounds like a pretty good deal.  I don't know for how long they will be offering that deal, but that would save lots of money. 

Later,    Jeff Hall---Franklin, Tx 

P.S.  I enjoyed last Saturday's class and am looking forward to next Saturday's Part 2.

Hello Jeff, 

That does sound like a good deal. Thanks for that information. Go on to the class page and register for next Saturday's class so I will have a head count. See you in class. Dennis


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