Cletus woke up and everything was pitch black. He fumbled around on his make shift end table until he found some matches. He struck a match and the light momentarily blinded him. As he squinted his eyes from the bright light, he located and lit the oil lamp. He glanced over at “Big Ben” and realized it was only 1 o’clock in the morning. Cletus rolled his legs over the side of the bed and sat there for a long while. 

Cletus was feeling pretty rough all over from his ordeal with the bees the last several days. As he sat there, his stomach started to growl which reminded him that he had not eaten for hours. As he stood up, he felt very dizzy and off balance. He headed out the door and to the out house. On his way back he stopped by the water well and pumped on the handle a few times to draw the water up and out of the spigot. He splashed water on his face and neck and then decided it was time to take a bath for it had been a few days. He stripped down and splashed water all over his body using his t-shirt for a wash rag. Then he rinsed out all of his clothes and took them to the clothes line and hung them up to dry. He grabbed some dry clothes off the line and redressed himself. 

To Cletus the night sounds were very relaxing. As he looked up he could see all the stars dancing in the night sky. He wondered how so many stars could be dancing at the same time without making any noise. 

Seeing those stars dancing around reminded him of how he always wished he could dance. He loved to watch those people who were so talented and gifted on the dance floor. Cletus could always run like the wind but he was never coordinated enough to keep his body in rhythm with the music. He remembers back in the 1970’s when Disco became so popular and he tried so hard to learn some of those dance moves. He was forever stepping on the girl’s feet or bashing them in the head with his elbow. He would have to move from club to club because after a while the girls wouldn’t dance with him anymore. They were looking more like they had been in a fist fight when the night was over. 

One time Cletus was trying to spin this girl around and didn’t see the couple next to him and his dance partner slammed into this couple and sent them sailing into a table loaded with people and their drinks went everywhere. When the dust settled, the table was turned upside down and there were 6 angry people some laying and some standing there giving Cletus the evil eye. Another time Cletus was doing some of his moves and suddenly the music stopped. It seems that Cletus was in the middle of lifting his dance partner and he lost his balance. As he was tossing her up his right foot got twisted and the girl was thrown way up and over towards the stage. Suddenly there was this loud noise and then a huge thump. The girl flew through the air over the organ and into the drummer’s equipment. The girls head had penetrated the drum and tore the fabric. By this time Cletus knew he had messed up again so he quickly made his retreat out the front door never to return again. 

The hoot of an owl brought Cletus back to reality. He headed back into the RV where he checked “Big Ben” again. It was now 2:15 am. It was too dark to do anything outside so Cletus went and grabbed a can of pork-n-beans off the shelf and popped the top. As he was eating he was deciding what his next step should be.