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 Cletus woke up after a couple of hours. He glanced over at “Big Ben” and realized it was only 3 pm. He was too beaten up and exhausted to even move. It had only been 3 days since those bees arrived and now they were already gone. He really wanted to catch those bees. 

As he laid there, he could feel the pain in every inch of his body. Even Cletus figured out that he wasn’t young anymore. When you are young, the whole world stands before you. But as you begin to get older more and more doors begin to close behind you. You just can’t do the things that you used to do nor are there a lot of the opportunities even offered to you. As Cletus begins to drift off to sleep again, he was remembering a few years back when he worked for this car wash. He was bent over drying off the back bumper of a 1983 GMC pickup truck when a few of the other workers grabbed him and tied him to his Harley. They rolled him over to the start line of the car wash and braced him and his bike to the pull chain. As the pull chain came around, it latched onto his bike and the force threw Cletus back to the sissy bar. 

The only thing Cletus could do was watch as he and his Harley were being pulled down the wash line. First the degreaser mist sprayed down and lightly coated his body and the bike. There was a short pause then this big roller kicked on and started to spin. The water suddenly started to gush from the roller. The noise was deafening. Cletus watch in horror as the roller slowly began its decent. Soap suds began to fall from the sky as if it were winter time on the ski slopes. The Harley began to vibrate as the big roller touched the front wheel. Then the roller hesitated slightly as it hit the handle bars and Cletus was pushed forward until his crotch slammed against the gas tank. The roller was on the move. Up and over the top of the handle bars. The roller then banged into Cletus’s body and threw him back against the sissy bar. 

Cletus was drenched with soap and water. His eye sight was blurred and his hands were still tied. Then the big roller pressed into his chest and stomach. He could feel the roller working its way up and pressing hard on his forehead. Then suddenly. Relief at last. The worst was over. He managed to escape without any broken bones. With his vision still blurry, he felt this cool wet as if Mother Nature had unleashed this wonderful spring shower. Then the shower pressure increased until it began to bite into his skin. He felt the right shoulder strap on his overalls snap free. The water had washed off the soap from his face and eyes. Then this loud roar blasted into his ears. As he looked ahead, he could see this huge cylinder with these long arms, lots of long arms moving back and forth. These arms engulfed the front wheel. The bike began to shift right then left. Right then left. Then this octopus like machine engulfed the handle bars, then the gas tank and then finally it grabbed Cletus and shifted him to the right and then left. Then it disappeared somewhere behind him and yet another roar in the distance was on its way. 

Cletus could feel this wind pounce on him like a powerful hurricane. It was so strong that he could feel his face being distorted. His checks were jiggling all around and his hair was every which way. His lips were flapping against the end of his nose and the other overall strap broke and was flapping against his left ear. Suddenly this big flapper slapped him across his face. It almost knocked him out. Cletus doesn’t remember what happened after that except that he quit his job and moved on. 

“I need to get a book on Beekeeping” Cletus muttered as he fell back asleep.