If you are a member and have anything that you feel is important to chemical free beekeeping, please email it to me. I will post it in this section in a future issue. Thank you. Dennis


There has been no change in either the beekeeping or garden world since last month here in Texas. All the beekeepers that I have spoken to since last month are still feeding their bees. 

If you have not checked your hives in the past couple of weeks, you should go ahead and inspect for available food stores. It doesn’t take a strong healthy hive long to go through several pounds of food in a weeks time. Feed a mixture of two parts sugar to one part water if feeding is necessary. 

It would be a good idea to make sure the bees have pollen stored as well as honey/sugar water. You may have to feed a pollen substitute if there are no pollen sources available.

You should perform a mite count to make sure the bees are maintaining an acceptable mite level.

This is not a good time to make splits if you live in the drought stricken area. You don't want to feed more hives and have to maintain them through the winter months.

The drought has taken a toll on the landscaping plants this year as well. I would suggest pulling out the dead ones and mulching over that spot until early spring. When you replant, try to plant something that the honeybees would enjoy. 

Enjoy your beekeeping and gardening.