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Hello Everyone,

I hope that you have enjoyed your Thanksgiving. For me, it's always nice to have family and friends here for a visit and sleep-over but, it's also nice to have my house back in order. I'm sure those of you who have large families know exactly what I'm talking about.

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I hope all of you have a wonderful holiday season and New Year. 



Bee Talk

I want to share a picture of the Bee Fly with you. Has anyone seen this fly in your bee yard? Google "Zombie Fly" for more information. Dennis


  This article was sent in by member, David Dodge. It’s about mushrooms and bees. The first 5 minutes is slow, but stick with it because it gets very interesting.

Hey Dennis,

The other day I was working my bees with black gloves on and they were very aggressive. I had stingers all over my gloves. Do you know why that is?  Jeff

Hello Jeff,

For some genetic reason, honeybees do not like dark clothes or any wool like fabrics. I remember many years ago I was moving a large truck load of palletized hives across the state. When I arrived at my destination, I realized that I had left my bee suit behind, so all I had was a wool jacket and a veil. As soon as I started off-loading the hives, the bees covered my entire jacket and stung every inch of it. They just don’t like certain colors and fabrics.

After that, I always carried an extra bee suit in my truck.


Hi Dennis,

Are all of the worker bees in the hive sisters or half-sisters? Virginia

 Hello Virginia,

A virgin queen will mate with ten to twenty (maybe more) drones while on her mating “flights”. Each drones sperm that she mates with will be stored inside the queen in layers. The sperm layers will remain separate from one another. The sperm is not all mixed-up together. The queen will use up one sperm layer at a time. When one layer is used up, the queen will work on the next layer. That is why you can have a real gentle hive for a long time and then the hive turns more aggressive even though you have the same queen in the hive. That aggressive behavior is from a more aggressive drone gene pool. When that layer of sperm is used up, the next layer may produce different traits.

With this information in mind, we can assume that all the workers that are from the same sperm layer will be sisters. They will each have the same mother and father. When that sperm layer is used-up and the next sperm layer begins, the queen will be laying half-sisters to the first sperm layer and to the following sperm layers because they will have the same mother but a different father. So, each layer will be sisters to that specific sperm layer and half-sisters to any other sperm layer.

I hope this helps.



Days Gone By