Honey Bees

Welcome to the “Lone Star Farms” website. We are located in Bryan, Texas. Our mission is to:

  1. Promote beekeeping and beekeeping products.
  2. Raise chemical free honeybees, chemical free honey and other chemical free honeybee products. We promote using Hygienic queens in your hives. 
  3. Provide a honeybee club (It’s free) for “all” beekeepers who do not intentionally place chemicals in their hives, further our education and enjoy fellowship. (The club is more of a registry for beekeepers who do not “intentionally” place chemicals in their hives.) 
  4. Provide resources from around the world and include links to: clubs, beekeeping suppliers, beekeepers from the past, beekeeping organizations, beekeepers home pages, bees and queens for sale, books/video’s, beekeeping articles, beekeeping in different countries, random beekeepers from around the world, state beekeeping associations.


You don’t have to join in order to place links on this site.

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My name is Dennis Brown and I am your host for Lone Star Farms. I bought my first two hives in 1964. There were years since that time that I had to give up my bees for one reason or another and there were years that I had over 500 hives. There were years that I worked for commercial beekeepers here in the good old “USA” and worked with one commercial beekeeper in Germany.  Bees have always been a part of my life and I am still learning. I hope that I never feel like I know it all, or become closed minded to new practices or ideas. There is still a great deal to learn about beekeeping and beekeeping products.  Let’s learn and grow together.   Your Host,

Dennis Brown

  “Saving the bees one hive at a time!”